Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mothers Day Giveaway!

Aren't these the most gorgeous flowers ever? The fabulous team at
Provo Craft sent them to me with a special giveaway for you!

Calling all crafters!
Do you own a cricut machine?
The Original, The Expression, The Imagine, The Cake, The Expression2?
This giveaway is for you!

Provo Craft has generously donated a 3 month
membership to the cricut circle!

What is the Cricut Circle you ask?

Four exclusive cartridges a year, one each quarter, ONLY available to The Cricut Circle members

Special buying privileges like rebates, monthly coupons, and opportunities to buy other exclusive products for your Cricut, from friends and partners of Provo Craft

Extra reward points and special discounts

A members-only bracelet with an exclusive Cricut Circle charm (get ready to be the envy of your friends)

A special Cricut Circle Community will come together through an exclusive Cricut Circle forum on

Inspiration and education from exclusive Cricut Circle webinars, swarms, meet-ups, and events

A fun Cricut Circle blog and a monthly project-inspired online magazine to fill your mind with ideas galore

Doesn't this sound so fun!  This is a must for all crafters!

To enter:
1. Leave a comment on this blog post telling me what Cricut machine/machines you own
2. Tell me what you plans are for Mothers Day this year.

EASY as 1-2-3

Thanks Provo Craft!
To learn more about these machines visit 


  1. I wanna winn! I wanna win!!!! I have the Create and the Expression. For mothers day, I will , Cook her dinner here. She is on special medical devices where she cant move around too well and has not had power or water since the tornado. She has to get her batteries for her air VAC system charged at her local fire station daily. ScrappyScavenger!yahoo

  2. What an Awesome Give-away!! I own the Original, Expression and Gypsy! Mother's Day is a special one, not because I am a Mother, but because, my Mother is my best friend! I let her know everyday, and thankful for her! Myself, I will spend the morning running, and then relaxing while my Hubby golfs! hahaha Thanks for the opportunity!

  3. Pick me!!!!!! I would LOVE to be part of the Cricut Circle, even if it is only for 3 months!!!

    I own the Baby Bug, Expression, E2, Yudu and a Cuttlebug! The Imaine is on my Christmas wish list (never too early to start that list!).

    No plans for mothers day since my hubby is going to be out of town on business. I am just crossing my fingers for no fighting between my boys and a quiet day of crafting!

    Thanks for the chance to win!!!


  4. I have the baby bug, the pink expression and a couple of days ago, a proud new owner of the E2! My daughers usually take me out to dinner or make me dinner! :)
    Those flowers are so pretty! This is such an awesome giveaway! Thanks Bow Peep Creations and Provo Craft!

    majelica at comcast dot net

  5. What a SWEET giveaway !!! I hav the Expression, Cricut Cake, Gypsy, Cuttlebug, Your story samll and large....seems like alot but i love them all...Mothers day will be at my in-laws...ccokout & family, honoring my mother-in-law and i will be anxiously waiting to hear from my kids, 2 in Ohio and 1 in Illinois!!!! thanks for the chance to win!!!!

  6. Wow! A great contest!
    I have the new E2 (but can't open it till mother's day) and a gypsy! Love cricut!!!
    For mother's day I will be having a dinner either made by my hubby or picked up by him!! Either way I don't have to cook!! YEAH!!!

  7. I would love to win this - I currently own the Original Expression. It is great!! As far as Mother's Day, I will probably be sitting with my laptop making a comment to this posting every 10 minutes, trying to win. Just kidding. I will spend the day at home with my family after spending Saturday with my friends playing with our Cricuts. I will also be calling my mother to let her know how much I love her.

  8. Hi,

    I own the expression, E2 and gypsy. For mother's day I will be relaxing with my family. No chores, no laundry, no cooking - could not ask for more :) Although I would take any cricut product - anytime...

  9. I own the Expression and absolutely love it. On Mother's Day I will be hanging out with my kids and hubby and just enjoying our family time!

  10. What an awesome giveaway!! I own a baby bug, expression, & gypsy! I so wish I could have added the E2 to the list, but sadly I will have to wait. I'm not a mother yet, and my mother and MIL live far away so we will just be making phone calls on Mother's day. Thanks for the chance to win!
    ra6352 (at) gmail (dot) com

  11. Thx for the give-away! I have an Expression and a new Expression 2. I plan to donate my E to a local school in the fall.
    For Mom's day I will be able to spend time with one of my daughters and her three little girls!
    Have a blessed day to all Moms out there.

  12. Those are beautiful flowers! Way to go PC :-) I would LOVE LOVE LOVE <3 to win a cricut circle membership. I'm not working so can't afford to join, but have wanted to join since day 1. Thanks for giving those of us who may not have a chance to be apart of it get that chance :-)

    I own the baby bug and the expression and the gypsy. Love PC and their products! Thanks so much for the chance to win! -Sam :-)

    I don't have plans for mothers day. My mom lives too far away :-( and we can't have kids (plan on adopting someday)

    SamanthaJDesigns @

  13. I own an Expression, Imagine and Gypsy. I enjoy them all! For Mother's Day, I will enjoy time with my kids and MY MOM! Thanks for the opportunity to win...Happy Mother's Day!

  14. What a great giveaway! I have always wanted to try the cricut circle. I say always like I didn't just get my expression in January. lol =)
    Friday the kids will bring home the Mother's day projects they made in school but will be too excited for me to wait till Sunday so Happy early Mother's day to me! I will spend it doing what I do best and that is being the best mommy I can be to my three children. Thanks for the chance to win!
    Jen H

  15. I have the original expression and I just got my brand new E2 two days ago! I was so excited to get it! I actually don't know what I'm doing for Mother's Day yet. I'm hoping my boys (husband and four sons) will surprise me. Hopefully I will get to spend some time with my granddaughter who was just born three weeks ago. Thanks Provo Craft and Kassidy!

  16. I have the Expression and the Gypsy. I will probably spend the day with my son and husband and go out for lunch.

  17. I have the E. My hubby AND mom are working, so just dinner at home w/ the kids! Thanks for the chance to win
    reissfam10 at aol dot com

  18. I own the Create, expression , Imagine, Gypsy,and Design studio (havent opened it yet) waiting for the craftroom. I waited to long to make a decision and it old out on HSN.
    For mothers day it will probally be quiet here, my son has to work, his wife will probably take my grand children to her mother (thats ok , I have them all the time, They live with me, hehehe) and my husband bought me a new tv for my craft room, so I will probally be crafting... Dawn RI
    Oh and Im working on a blog page (might be ready for my birthday at the end of the month)

  19. How fun!! I would love to win a 3 month membership to the Circle.

    I own the original Cricut, an Expression, a Cricut Cake, and a Gypsy.

    I plan on spending time with my family on Mother's Day...maybe a picnic at the park, weather permitting.

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  20. I would be stoked to win a membership!!! I own the Expression, Imagine, Cake & the gypsy. For Mother's Day it will be my day off so we stay home and it usually starts with breakfast in bed. Justina
    justina1218 at aim dot com

  21. Wow this is such a great giveaway!! I SO would love to be a circle member but just can't afford it. I own my pink journey expression, baby bug and gypsy. I also have a cake machine on its way to me! I will probably take my mother out to dinner on Mother's Day. My hubby is working overnights that day so we will celebrate my Mother's Day another day. :) Thanks for such an awesome chance to win! Fingers crossed!!!!
    sweetheartcopper at msn dot com

  22. I have the pink journey expression and I LOVE it to pieces. For Mother's Day we'll be going out for the most delicious waffles at our fav restaurant - my 2 & 4 year olds are stoked to be celebrating. We'll spend the day as a family, then out on a date with my hubby.

    The kids used the expression to create cards for their Grandmothers. A new favourite activity.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  23. I have an Expression, a Baby Bug, and now a Gypsy, which arrived in a package today as an early Mothers Day gift! We are all sick with tummy bugs or bronchitus at my house, so I won't be able to go visit my Mom as I don't want to give her my germs. So, I'm just playing with my Gypsy and figuring out how to use it. If our health improves, we'll head outside for a drive and a picnic.

  24. Wow how exciting!! I am the proud owner of a Cricut Expression and a Cricut Imagine. I would love to be a Circle Member!! For Mother's Day I am going out for brunch with my little girls, my Mom and my Sister in-law. I will be celebrating Mother's day with my husband and daughters on Monday (as he has to work all weekend). Thank you for such a great prize!!! ~Lori

    gallionlori at gmail dot com

  25. I just got the new expression. I am so excited. I would love to win a spot in the circle. How much fun it would be.

  26. I would love to have a flower with a circle 3month membership!! I had breakfast made for me watched a movie and played NSD challenges on My Pink Stampers web-site all day. Ooh I had so much fun!
    I have a Cricut Create,Cricut Expression & Cricut Imagine. I also just got a gypsy..Plus my Design Studio,Cuttlebug,YourStory.